Jan Janssen-JTM-PPB
Jan Janssen

JohTheMa Promotions is Jan Janssen. JJ is a highly motivated and committed personality who has realized extensive and complex engineering projects in an industrial, technical environment.

JJ is a result-orientated innovator. He is a honest and clear communicator who has the ability to motivate people. He not only defines goals but he will realize them too. He is a critical analyst who draws conclusions but not only solves them. He is a creative designer and a source researcher in one.

JJ is the general manager, designer and owner of music e-zine Real Roots Café. Real Roots Café supports independent musicians by filling in the role of a powerful online voice in order to reach the ears of music fans and of the music industry. Listen up and discover valuable information and resources on an episode of Music Business Connection “How Sticking To Your Own Thing Sets You Up For Long Term Success” featuring Jan Janssen.



Through study of and affinity with various IT applications JJ educated himself in the course of his working career. His boss offered him the opportunity to develop himself. His work involved engineering, work preparation, purchase, sales, marketing and a lot more. In the meanwhile, having been involved in the music industry for more than two decades, he always believed in his involvement with it. Discovering and introducing new young independent talent has always been a challenge for him.

If you want to know more about his musical background, you have to go way back to the late sixties and early seventies. In the early nineties he was looking for a way to enjoy and talk about his music. Because music always evokes emotions he yearned for an outlet. And when bullshitting about music turned into talking about life, he had to do something. To share his music and experiences in the music business, he created his own charming and characteristic environment.

JJ is the owner of the Real Roots Café web site. The Real Roots Café is an independent, non-profit Dutch language music e-zine that represents a variety of music genres. Music in the broadest sense of the words, as long it is real and deeply rooted in, and directly related to the on-going development of the North American society and culture. The Real Roots Café is the perfect hangout for about 400 people a day who like to discover more about “Real People, Real Instruments and Real Music”.


The landscape of the music industry is changing fast. Music publishers and record companies do not invest anymore in new independent artists. The financial risks are often too high. Because of this more and more musicians and producers are buying their own recording equipment and create their own facilities, mostly simply in their own homes. Because of this, there are new opportunities to record an album, without the extensive budgets that used to be available. Independent singer-songwriters and bands decide to do everything by themselves. Just to be clear, this maybe the moment you decide to contact JohTheMa Promotions in The Netherlands.

Given my background and experience in continuous improvement management philosophy (plan, do, study and act), JohTheMa Promotions becomes excited if a singer-songwriter or band can grow slowly by following this idea. Teamwork, innovate, transparency, control costs, develop talent and form them creating lasting value for a successful artist of tomorrow. Starting point is the personal approach. This provides the best control of a successful publicity and promotion campaign. It’s all about:

Getting others to know more about you and about what you are doing.
Playing in the right venues.
Creating an artist-fan relationship.
Getting the right crowd out.
Having your name settled.
Building a solid fan base.

If you don’t have time to do it right, when will you have time to do it over? Remember you are the key…

Secretly JJ hopes it will be a never-ending story. Systematically he walks the long road by keeping it small and clear. He loves the challenge to support and help out all those fabulous musicians, who almost never get the chance to promote their music in a decent way. The best American rock has taken its cue from the folk, blues and country traditions that have spawned it. The best of them have also drawn color from the multicultural sounds that have washed ashore with each immigrant wave. Capturing all this and fusing it with a sense of what’s hot and new in music today is the real challenge of JohTheMa Promotions.