Douglas Greer


Douglas Greer, Baja Louisiana“To understand the music of the Austin, Texas based singer-songwriter Douglas Greer you should descend to his hometown Port Arthur, Texas.” With these words opened Greer his biography in almost 10 years ago. What happened in the meanwhile with this extraordinary storytelling red dirt roots-rocker? Greer relocated back home to the Beaumont/Port Arthur, Texas. By the way, Janis Joplin was born in the same area. Greer and his band played shows at major venues in Austin, Texas, including Antone’s, The Saxon Pub, Momo’s and Jovita’s. Greer kept on promoting his music most heavily to the Western Europe and Eastern Australia markets. Not surprising, when you consider that his debut album Just a Man (2006) has been sold in thirteen countries on four continents. Pretty passionate singer-songwriter!

On October 1st 2016 Douglas Greer’s second album, Baja Louisiana, was due for release. Produced by Mark Hallman at the Congress House Studio in Austin, Texas, with appearances by David Grissom, Bradley Kopp, Michael Ramos, and Hallman. Besides Greer’s unique genuine voice Greer delights us with eleven very beautiful handcrafted Americana songs that needed to come out. Check out Douglas VIDEO electronic press kit (EPK) HERE