What clients are saying…

“Hopefully, there will be another album at some point. I would not hesitate to contact Jan if I decide to do another promotion campaign, and I want to recommend JohTheMa Promotions to anyone interested in doing a promotion in the Benelux. (Dick LeMasters)

TOURBOmusic is very satisfied with JohTheMa Promotion for the Dutch Promotion of Reto Burrell‘s 20th anniversary Album “Side A&B“. We will definitely book him again for future releases!”

“I’ve known and trusted Jan Janssen since 2006, when my first album, “Just a Man,” came out.  Jan is as credible as they come in the European roots music world, and when I released my second album, “Baja Louisiana,” this year, going with Jan as the promoter was a no-brainer.  His biggest strength is his passion for our kind of music.  He doesn’t promote you merely to make a dollar; he promotes you because he believes in your work.  For me that’s everything.  And did I mention results?  We released the project to the EU in October of 2016, and by the end of the year, the album had reached the Number 1 spot on the Euro Americana Chart, been named Album of the Week by several EU radio stations, was named the Number 9 album of the year by the EAC, and received several outstanding critical reviews. I couldn’t imaging using anyone else. 5 stars out of 5″ (Douglas Greer)

“Everything Jan did helped us to learn as much as possible regarding our music, and we are very happy with the job Jan did for us! Jan was able to provide us the information that we needed. We learned a lot from his feedback. We appreciated Jan’s efforts very much.” (Howard & Skye)

“Jan did an outstanding job getting press and radio for a band that previously had no exposure in The Netherlands. His enthusiasm and genuine love of the music shine through on everything he does.” (The Mulligan Brothers)

“Jan has been a pleasure to work with. From the onset, we knew that Jan had a genuine interest and personal investment in our projects. Jan’s history in and relationship to the folk + roots world in Europe made him a great person to have positioning our album and targeting the right audiences. We’ve had great results on our projects throughout the campaigns. Jan knows his music, his clients, media sources, the folk + roots community- the full landscape of promoting + booking an artist. We’ve been proud to work with Jan so far and are excited to continue our relationship with him as our projects grow.” (Tonic Records)

“Jan is a dear and trusted friend. Our relationship began in 2005 when he reviewed my 1st record for Real Roots Cafe and we connected via MySpace – leading directly to my first international tour and record deal. Jan has his finger on the pulse of Holland and Germany, exceptional taste in music, and tirelessly supports hardworking artists!” (Shane Alexander)

“Jan and his wife saw us unpacking our van and sound checking on the parking place in front of the Blue Bird Café in Nashville 2008. We had a brief talk. After our audition he went for us. JJ introduced the band in the Benelux in an very efficient manner. He opened doors for us. Everything happened after that was a great experience.” (Ben Miller, The Low Anthem)

“It was a pleasure to work with JJ. He generated some great opportunities for our artists and helped develop the brand in the Netherlands territory. I found Jan to be a hardworking, professional, easy to work with and a lovely guy too. I would recommend his services to anyone” (Management Claude Hay)

“I had been going to Holland for a couple of years, doing late night gigs that were little pay and long hours. I released my second alum and sent it to all the Dutch website reviewers. Through a review for my album you got in touch and we spoke about promotion. The next time I visited Holland I had an agent, many new friends and some great tours. I thank you for the help.” (Garron Frith)

“Jan is one of the best promoters in the Americana Roots Music scene in Europe. I have known him for many years and trust him and value his judgement. He is highly knowledgeable about the best strategies to pursue and is very dedicated to his clients.” (Kenny Butterill)

“Jan is the real deal, no bullshit ,he follows through and always goes the extra mile. I’ve been very happy working with A pro like him” (Jeffrey Halford)

“Jan’s passion for music and helping artists shines through his work as a publicist and promoter. He does what he says he’s going to do and then goes the extra mile. Did I mention he gets results too? Five out of five stars!!” (Rodney DeCroo)

“The campaign has been really good, in as much as Jan was able to grab some press for the record that had already been released, by a guy who is not that well known other than by his associations as a side man with other artists. I was very pleased with any press at this point, and I really have my eye on the future in working with Jan again.” (Tom Heyman)

“This 21-track collection offers over 75 minutes of tuneful and sometimes downright hilarious work remastered from the original tapes! JJ really reintroduced the band in Europe. Love working with him.” (Ozark Mountain Daredevils)

“I have known and worked with Jan (Real Roots Cafe) since the late 90’s with many records and tours. He’s always been great at helping me navigate the Dutch terrain and promoted me with the ultimate integrity. If he takes you on, you’re in safe and knowledgeable hands. He’ll always do what’s best for the artist. That’s the JJ way.” (Joseph Parsons)

“At JohTheMa you can sit down at a table and have a conversation with Jan Janssen, owner and founder of the Real Roots Cafe. You will then discover that Jan is an extremely affable, yet critical innkeeper who knows how to pour a beer and prepare some delicious cocktails. But above all, he knows what quality he sells. He knows the menu like no other. And to us this always tastes like the very best.” (DIX)