About publicity and promotion

Improve the future of your music

If you are an independent booking agency, producer, singer-songwriter or band and you are searching for a highly motivated, dedicated and thoughtful publicity and promotion agency? You might consider contacting JohTheMa promotions in the Netherlands.

As to publicity and promotion activities, JohTheMa Promotions is focused primarily on bringing national and international independent singer-songwriters and bands in the Alt country, Americana, Roots rock, Blues, Soul or American folk rock scene into the BeNeLux. JohTheMa Promotions secondly focuses on Independent record labels that did sign singer-songwriters and bands in the aforementioned music genres.

What we are really saying is that we get particularly happy with good acts, good music, exciting concerts and exciting cultural events that deserve our dedicated attention. We are doing this on our own way. Our core values are quality over quantity (only a limited number of promotional campaigns at the same time); sincere enthusiasm and a personal approach.

About JohTheMa

JohTheMa Promotions is Jan Janssen. JJ is a highly motivated and committed personality who has realized extensive and complex engineering projects in an industrial, technical environment.

JJ is a result-orientated innovator. He is a honest and clear communicator who has the ability to motivate people. He not only defines goals but he will realize them too. He is a critical analyst who draws conclusions but not only solves them. He is a creative designer and a source researcher in one.

JJ is the general manager, designer and owner of music e-zine Real Roots Café. Real Roots Café supports independent musicians by filling in the role of a powerful online voice in order to reach the ears of music fans and of the music industry. Listen up and discover valuable information and resources on an episode of Music Business Connection “How Sticking To Your Own Thing Sets You Up For Long Term Success” featuring Jan Janssen.

Publicity and promotion

Ask yourself: “Do I have a plan?”

JohTheMa Promotions offers artist or events related print, online and radio promotion for the Benelux. Each publicity and promotion campaign will be individually designed and supervised according our improvement philosophy. In collaboration with artist, management or record companies we create a publicity and promotion concept. Since nobody is the same we offer to do this in several individual variations. We guarantee a precise and transparent publicity and promotion campaign concerning printed press, online magazines, blogs, local, regional and national radio stations in the Benelux.

Of course, JohTheMa Promotions will stand by the music they promote. The music must have a high quality level and has to be remarkable and innovative. It is obvious we want to listen to and evaluate your music first. You can send links to sound files like Spotify, YouTube, or even your own EPK through e-mail.

In other words time to step out and fly on the radar instead below of it. So if you think JohTheMa Promotions is your partner for getting it done, just contact us.