Mickelson maakt EU debuut met A Wondrous Life

JohTheMa Promotions is trots om Scott Mickelson’s EU debuutrelease A Wondrous Life te mogen aankondigen. De plaat kwam in Amerika al in mei 2018 uit en is nu klaar om de grote plas over te steken. In oktober, november 2019 zijn wij dan ook plannen aan het smeden om Mickelson als solo of duo act naar Europa te halen.

Als we de Amerikaanse en Engelse media moeten geloven dan stevenen wij af op een mooie EU debuut tournee in de herfst van 2019. Scott Mickelson staat nu dan ook al klaar om onderstaande quotes te onderbouwen via een interview. Maak een afspraak HIER

Alternative Press Magazine

“It’s American folk-Rock with a post punk edge, rustic but scarred.”

No Depression

“I call it anthemic when a band or chorus hits all the notes just right and the sound becomes  bigger than it should be and Mickelson hits it often enough on this album to make it worthy of the highest of recommendations.”


“the balance between strong, subtle, unexpected, and sophisticated.” 


“Plastic, Vinyl & Leather.” It’s a triumphant ode to determination and self-worth…is gritty, honest  and uplifting. Strong influences of Gregg Allman, Sturgill Simpson and Nathaniel Rateliff can be  heard throughout the track, powerfully blending Mickelson’s vocals with his rough, hard rock instrumentals.”

Riff Magazine

“This Bay Area singer-songwriter-producer brings a nuanced approach to alt-folk by way of dense vocal layerings and explosive dynamics. “Plastic, Vinyl & Leather” is the most accessible  song of the five here, and that charming palatability allows it to resonate on a level beyond being the most experimental or the most complex. Scott Mickelson’s baritone voice will certainly  please any fan of twangy rock, but his attention to compositional detail is what separates this song from countless others trying to stand out.”

Magnet Magazine

“All this life experience and technical prowess provided Mickelson with the tools he needed to beat the sophomore solo slump.”

New Noise

“There’s a slight twang to the tracks, giving them a southern tinged drip from the norm.”

Americana UK

‘No Such Luck’ is such a fun listen with wry laughs at life’s constant blindsiding and unexpected  turns.  It’s the second single from his album ‘A Wondrous Life’, and there’s just a touch of Future Islands in the rocking singer-songwriter mix.

SF Weekly

“With a howling voice that echoes heartland heroes like Bruce Springsteen or John Mellencamp,  Mickelson keeps it exciting on his latest “Hail Marys,” showing off power pop tendencies similar to Big Star while staying true to folk music spirit.”

The Southern Sounding

“He operates from within the traditional landscapes of the singer-songwriter aesthetic but manages to find new ways to inject a refreshing vitality and electrifying energy into its familiar movements.”

The Bay Bridged

“Fans of Chris Stapleton and Sturgill Simpson will want to check him out.”